Tales from a Globalizing World. A collective Portfolio

A new World is emerging from the accelerating phenomenon that we call globalization. While the process of globalization connects people and places that are geographically remote, it also fragments local connections. Everyone is affected by globalization, but for many their involvement takes the form of exclusion. To reveal its constructive as well as its destructive power, ten very different and distinguished photographers have been commissioned to produce photo-stories from five different continents.

Andreas Seibert | Thomas Kern | Christina Nunez | Stephan Vanfleteren | Shezad Noorani | Ziyo Gafic | Tim Hetherington | Bertien van Manen | Philip Jones Griffiths | Akinbode Akinbiyi

Under the auspices of SWISS AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT AND COOPERATION / Swiss Ministry of Foreing Affairs.

Texts by Thomas Kern, Cristina Nunez, Daniel Schwartz, Andreas Seibert and Carsten Stütz translated from German by David Wilson
Published by Thames & Hudson 2003
Printed and bound in Germany by Steidl Verlag und Druck
Edited by Daniel Schwartz
Softcover, 256 pages, with 227 photographs, 118 in colour and 109 in duotone
ISBN 0-500-28432-6